Loyal3 Lunch Portfolio

In an effort to curb a bad habit--eating out at lunchtime rather than bringing my lunch from home, I have decided that every day I bring my lunch gives me $5.00 to invest in the stock market via my Loyal3 account.  Every week I will be blogging about how much money I get to invest that week, and what I decide to buy with it.  In case you didn't know, Loyal3 is an online stock broker that only deals in about 60 stocks, but which offers commission-free trades.  Here are my purchases:

10/30/15:  Walt Disney.  $10 to open account.  .0865 shares

11/6/15:  AMC.  $20 for week.  .0780 shares.

11/13/15:  Kohls: $20 for week.  .4457 shares

11/21/15:  VF Corp:   $15 for week:  .2275 shares

11/28/15:  Target:  $15 for week:  .2068 shares

12/5/15:  Hersheys:  $25 for week:  .2878 shares

12/11/15:  Walt Disney $15.00 for week:  .1377 shares

12/19/15:  AMC Theaters.  $20.00 for week.  .8418 shares

12/25/15:  Kohls. $15.00 for week:  .3043 shares

12/30/15:  VF Corp.:  $10.00 for week:  .1653 shares

1/9/16:  Intel:  $20.00 for week:  .6171 shares

1/16/16:  Disney $15.00 for week:  .1644 shares

1/22/16:  VF Corp., $25.00 for week.  .4244


  1. This is so smart, i need to do this!

  2. I like VFC a lot. It's been in my portfolio since 2007 and in recent weeks has been much weaker. With a yield north of 3% it's trading at much better prices values and yields compared to just a few months ago. Nice portfolio!