Friday, April 28, 2017

First Quarter Investment Results

Taking quarterly stock of your investments seems to be a common thing among financial bloggers, so I'll play too even if I'm a little late.


My husband and I have Roth IRAs and regular IRAs, and a taxable account.  We did not contribute any money this quarter but the value of the accounts increased by $12,674.  The combined dividends from these accounts totalled $1317.00.  These accounts consist of a variety of mutual funds purchased for us by our ex-financial advisor, along with Vanguard's International Bond Index Fund, Total Stock Market Index Fund, 500 Index Fund, Total Bond Market Index Fund and REIT Index Fund. In the last year, our rate of return has been 11.5%.


My 401k has a year to date return of 5.74%, and the account paid dividends of $421.85 this quarter.  It is invested in Janus Triton,  Oppenheimer Int'L Small Mid Co A, MFS Government Securities Fund-A , Pioneer Fundamental Growth Fd-A,  and Delaware US Growth Fund-A.  My firm contributes 5% of my salary, and I contribute 6%.  


My husband's 401K is with AXA and it has increased in value, though not a lot.  He puts in the minimum necessary for employer match.


The inital investment in this account was $7,000.  It began the quarter at $7777.09.  Even though we've withdrawn interest payments, it ended the quarter at $8,176.26,  So far this year the account has paid $42.94 in dividends.  I have invested in "Motifs" or baskets of stock with a variety of themes including dividend payers, things I like and online gaming.

Lending Club:

My returns have been steadily dropping.  Accounting for expected defaults, Lending Club estimates my return since I began the account at about 5.68% annually, which is the lowest it has been since I opened the account.  From what I've read in various places, I'm not the only one whose returns have dropped.  We've needed money for tuition so this is where we are withdrawing it as notes are paid.


My returns here have dropped as well, but not as drastically.  Right now my annualized net returns are still over 13%, and my "seasoned" returns--the returns on notes that are more than ten months old are also over 13%.


Overall my account is up 10% since purchase.  I've been buying in dribs and drabs, often using dividends paid by Motif.  Unfortunately Loyal3 is going out of business and we have to either sell or transfer our money elsewhere.  More on that in another post. 


This is another place I've invested a few dollars in stock, and I'm in the black so that's a good thing.  I may be putting more money here in the near future.


I've moved from being in the black to being in the red.  I'm in the process of withdrawing my money not only because I'm in the red (an expected risk of investing) but because I've become convinced that Kickfurther is going to fail.  They have too little business at this time and while they have tightened their contracts and changed their business model somewhat, I've just seen too much incompetence to believe that the investment risk is the only risk I'm bearing and the returns have not justified the risk.

All in all, the first quarter of 2017 was a good one investment wise; however there will be changes in the second quarter.
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