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I am a married woman in her mid-fifties.  My husband is five years older.  We have three children.  Our twenty-three year old son lives with us, and will for the foreseeable future as he has autism, and while he works part-time, he has a lot of progress to make before he is economically self-sufficient.  My older daughter is a college junior and most of her tuition, room and board is covered by her scholarships.  My younger daughter is in sixth grade in our parish Catholic school, which means we have tuition expenses yearly.  We expect those expenses to double in two years when she starts high school.  Luckily, by that time her sister will be finished with school and hopefully off the parental dole.

As the blog title indicates, we are "Racing Toward Retirment".  We have not reached that goal but we can see it.  We have saved all our lives and have been blessed to inherit money from our parents.  We hope to leave a nice nest egg for our children, particularly for my son.

I work as a paralegal and I do not give legal advice.  I have done a lot of research on investment options and products but I am not an expert in finanical planning.  No financial product is appropriate for every investor and it is up to you to determine whether my advice is good or bad or whether a product is appropriate or not.

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  1. Hi! You signed up to co-host FinSavSat this weekend. If you're still interested, could you shoot me an email so I can send you details? It's brokegirlrich @ gmail.com. Thanks! Mel