I am not an expert in finances or financial planning.  I like doing research and sharing the results of that research with others.  Please consider this blog to be PART of the research you do on the subjects discussed.  No product, investment or strategy is right for everyone.  Look at your situation, your tolerance for risk and your needs to evaluate whether what works for me may work for you.  Investing is not without risk and generally speaking, the higher the potential reward, the higher the risk of losing money.  Use any information from this blog at your own risk.

I run ads on this blog.  If it looks like an ad, I get paid because it is there.  I am not necessarily endorsing the product.  Most of the ads are from adsense and beyond outlawing adult topics I have little control over them.

I may have affilliate links in posts.  I'll tell you they are there and will ask you to use them.  I get paid if you do.

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