Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Goals: A Quarterly Review

The beginning of the year is a common time to set goals, so I shared mine.  Now that the year is one-fourth over, I'm going to take a look at my progress.

Pay High School Tuition From Checkbook, Not Savings

Since I set this goal I have learned that tuition is due a month earlier than what I thought.  Also, we've had some unexpected medical expenses.  So, we've been pulling money out of the Lending Club account as notes are paid.  Also, we are reducing our exposure to Kickfurther for a lot of reasons, and instead of reinvesting that money elsewhere, it is going toward tuition.

Once I pay this year's tuition, I'm going to open a separate savings account and deposit money monthly so that next year it is there when the bill comes. 

Continue 401(k) Contributions at Current Level

Luckily this is a "fix it and forget it" goal.  The money comes out without us thinking about it. 

Work On Monetizing This Blog

I've done one sponsored post this year and was paid for it.  I added Myfinance ads to the blog, but so far I haven't seen any return.  I'll give them another few weeks and if I don't see any return, they'll be gone.  

Buy at Least One Share of Stock Per Month

This goal got pushed to the side due to tuition.  

Continue My Freelance Writing Jobs and Selectively Try to Find More

One of my regular customers has decided to put her blog on hiatus for now.  She says she may contact me later.  I've applied for a couple of jobs on Upwork but without success.  Most of what I see there doesn't interest me--too much work for too little money.  

Add $4,000 To Our IRAs.

Hopefully my college girl will get a job before the end of the year and start paying rent (or at least her own car insurance).  Otherwise, this isn't looking good, unless you count the transfer of money from a non-IRA savings account to an IRA account to reduce our tax bite.  

Cut Spending On Food

I need more cooperation from the peanut gallery on this one!

Home Renovations

I've got to get in touch with the IRS and try to track down my Dad's final tax refund.  They should have paid me already and then I could distribute the rest of the money in the estate and start working on the house.

We are going to paint this year.  My firm has decided to change the sick leave/vacation policy so that those of us who have a bunch of leave saved up have to use it over the next two years.  I'm getting five weeks off this year and will spend at least on of them with a paintbrush in hand.  
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  1. Sounds like a smart way that you have the 401(k) deposits being done!

  2. Sorry to hear about the unexpected medical expenses and unexpected due date on the tuition, but it sounds like you've adjusted well.

  3. Good luck on finding more freelance jobs. I lose a client at the end of the month, so I will be looking as well.

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