Friday, November 6, 2015

Loyal3 Lunch: Week 1

I told you in my "Plugging a Leak" post that a big money-waster in my life was buying lunch for no good reason.  I'll be rushing in the morning and forget to grab something, or what is in the house doesn't appeal to me, or what I brought for lunch doesn't appeal to me, or (about the only "good" reason), friends suggest going out.  I decided that for every day that don't eat out (and avoid the junk food box in the office kitchen) I will put $5.00 into stock via Loyal3, a commission-free online broker.  I opened the account with $10.00 last week, which purchased 0.0865 shares of Walt Disney stock.  This week the only day I ate out was the day I went to Baton Rouge on business.  I could have brought a lunch, but I chose not to.  Therefore, this week's deposit into Loyal3 is $20.00.  I am going to purchase stock in AMC, the movie theater company.  They pay a dividend worth about 3% of the current value of the stock, and I am looking for dividend stocks.  Professional analysts give it a "buy" or "hold".  The price is on the low side as compared to earlier this  year.  I know AMCs theaters are popular here.

I plan to buy shares in between six and eight different companies in this portfolio.  Hopefully I'll makes some money along the way.  Do you have a leak in your wallet?  Could you re-direct a few dollars per week into the stock market via Loyal3.

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  1. A $20 investment this week is a great place to start! Looking forward to reading more about how this will turn out for you!