Friday, January 22, 2016

Loyal3 Lunch

How many lunches?

If you haven't been following this series, I'm trying to break my habit of eating out at lunch for no good reason.  Each day I bring my lunch gives me $5.00 to invest in stock with Loyal3, an online commission-free broker. This report is covering two weeks, since I didn't write one last week.  Last week we didn't have much in the fridge at home as far as leftovers, and I was in a hurry, etc.  In any case, I only brought my lunch three times.  This week was better; I brought lunch every day.

Which Stock?

The market has taken a beating lately.  Last week I decided that I had good reasons for liking all the companies in which I had already invested; therefore I put more money into the one that had dropped the most from the time I bought it, Disney.  This week I looked at how my stocks had done since the beginning of last year, and bought the one that had dropped the biggest percentage, VF Corporation.  

Am I making money?

Like the vast majority of people, I lost money this week.

You can see my whole Loyal3 Lunch portfolio by clinking the link at the top of the page.


You note the highly technical analysis of why I pick these stocks.  I've been reading a bunch of investor blogs trying to get a handle on the lingo, and figure out what I should be looking for in all those numbers.  However, for me, this portfolio is a toy; instead of buying shoes I don't need I buy stock I don't need (and which I hope makes money for me).  I do not recommend that anyone use such an approach when investing large sums of money (whatever "large" is to you). 
Disease Called Debt


  1. I haven't invested yet myself, but I love how you tied it into a brown bagged lunch challenge! Very cool, I'll be following your progress.

  2. Wow that is great was unaware of the Loyal13. I'm visiting from a Financially Savvy Saturday and hoping you come and link up at Frugal Friday.!

  3. I use automated investing tools like Betterment instead of stock picking. Have you thought about trying something like that?

    1. This portfolio is a toy; I've always wanted to pick stocks but the cost of doing so on a small basis has always been prohibitive. Since Loyal3 does not charge sales commissions, investing a few dollars a week is feasible. As far as Betterment, I've looked at it, but it just looks like a fancy way to buy Vanguard mutual funds, which we are doing now.