Friday, October 14, 2016

Link Love: Some Blogs I Enjoy

I'm a blog addict; I have lot of blogs I follow through Bloglovin and Feedly and I'd like to share some of them  with you today.

Dividend Growth Investor talks about investing in stocks that pay dividends.  He talks about companies as well as techniques, resources etc.  For example, his latest article is about Interactive Brokers and why they are a good brokerage for dividend investors.

Dividend Yield--Stock, Capital, Investment is another blog about dividend investing.

Good Financial Sense covers a range of investing, retirment and financial planning topics.

ProBlogger talks about blogging; I don't follow much of their advice but I do enjoy reading about how the cool kids do things.

Passive Income Pursuit is another investing blog.

Daily Trade Alert has really good analyses of stocks.

Dividend Diplomats is another dividend investing blog.  Are you noticing a theme?

DivGroPro.  Yes, another one.

MoneyNing:  A general personal finance blog.

Motley Fool:  Includes stock tips and general investing information

Retire Before Dad:  General investment and financial planning info, including an analysis of the stocks available via Loyal3.

Do I read everything these folks publish?  No.  I follow them on Bloglovin and/or Feedly.  I open the app when I get a minute and scroll through the feeds and click through when they look interesting.

What are some blogs you read?  Do you use bookmarks, or a feed reader or ...?


  1. I'm always interested in what other people are reading and finding valuable additions to my (long) list of blogs. I definitely use a feed reader to keep track of them all. Thanks for sharing your list.

  2. There are some new ones here that I'll have to check out. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I see some familiar names and some new to me ones that I'll have to check out! Thanks!

  4. I see some familiar names and some new to me ones that I'll have to check out! Thanks!