Saturday, November 28, 2015

Loyal3 Lunch: Week 4

If you haven't been following this series, I'm trying to break my habit of eating out at lunch for no good reason.  Each day I bring my lunch gives me $5.00 to invest in stock with Loyal3, an online commission-free broker.  This week I brought my lunch each day I was at work, but I had two days off.  With my $15.00 I bought stock in Target.  You can see my whole Loyal3 portofolio by clicking on the link bar at the top of the blog.

Why Target?  Well, it is a dividend aristocrat, a stock that has increased dividends each year for a long time.  I like to shop there, as do most people I know.  This is a small enough investment that I'm not really going any further with research, though one thing I'm trying to do with this portfolio is to learn to pick stocks.  Will I be successful? I suspect I'll so about as well as the market as a whole, but you never know....maybe I'll be a stock picking genius and can retire early on money I was wasting at lunchtime.  
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