Monday, November 16, 2015

From My Kickfurther Store

When companies borrow money from most lenders, writing the check is the end of the lender's involvement.  Kickfurther is different.  Kickfurther runs an online store and investors and others can create thier own storefronts to promote (and hopefully sell) merchandise being financed.  I'm going to start a regular feature about these items; I'm hoping that some of my readers will purchase these goods.  I'll get a commission and if I've invested in the company's inventory, sales mean my payback comes more quickly.  

Yumms! - Basting Brush/Marinating Brush Silicone 12 Inch Handle for Barbecue & Grilling

Yumms! - Basting Brush/Marinating Brush

I've written several articles about my experiences with Kickfurther, a platform that allows us ordinary folks to finance inventory for businesses.  Ideally, Kickfurther investors will be able to profit from businesses banks do not want.  As of this writing, I am still adding a small amount of money monthly to my Kickfurther account and I am re-investing paybacks, but I am not ready to add substanial money to the account; the downside is still, in my opinion, unknown.  When a deal works, the profit is great; the question is how many will not work. Hopefully enough will work to allow me to eat steaks that look like this one.
Yumms! - Burger Press Double Hamburger Patty Press Slider Mini Appetizer Hamburger Press
Yumms! - Burger Press Double Hamburger Patty Press 

As I've noted in other posts, Kickfurther is a new platform and they are still ironing out the kinks.  User's Kickfurther stores are like garage sales, without the discounted prices.  By that I mean there is a large conglomeration of stuff with little organization.  My store is here and if you click that link, you will see what I mean.  Take a look at the stuff there, and pick one, it doesn't matter which one, and click.  When you get to the next page, you will be able to add the product you picked to your cart, or, if you look at the top of the page, you'll see a directory that will take you to a somewhat more organized store.  As long as you entered through my store, I get credit.  

So, what kind of things can you buy?  Well, I know some places don't consider winter to be BBQ weather, but there are all sorts of things to make you king or queen of the grill.  Again, go to my Kickfuther store, click on any item there and then look under Lifestyle for the items pictured in this post:
Yumms! - BBQ Grill Mat Set of 2 15"x13"
BBQ Grill Mat Set of 2 15"x13"

Yumms! - Burger Press Hamburger Press Hamburger Patty Maker
Hamburger Press Hamburger Patty Maker
Stop by next week to learn about some dolls that teach about those with disabilities and give work to disabled young adults.  Again, click here to go to my store; these items are at the top of the front page.

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