Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kickfurther Update

Last week I described my investments with Kickfurther and the bottom line was that many payments did not come in as scheduled last week.  It is now Wednesday evening; there have been two full workdays after the Labor Day holiday so I assume (and yes, I know what they say about assuming) that things that were processing at the end of the week have finished doing so.   Here is where things stand with the late payments:

Marlie Madison:  Marlie Madison is a suburban Dallas boutique.  They promised 11% after six months.  The first three payments were just short of where they needed to be for a linear payout; this fourth payment was quite a bit short.  The owner has predicted she'll be back on track by the middle of October,

Clarisea offered 8% after three months.   They were supposed to make one payment, which was due September 1.  That payment came in today, in full.  Annualized, the return on this investment was over 30%.  It is sweet when it works.  

Max-Axe Guitar is supposed to pay 5% after three months.  Their first payment was due nine days ago. There has been no response on the comment board.  I'm not feeling the love here.

The Shrine sells duffel bags.  Their offer was 10% after six months. They said they had technical issues submitting their payment, but the amount was right where it should be for a linear payoff.  

Jersey Kids:  Jersey Kids offered 4% after 2.3 months, Their timeline calls for two payments.  They too claimed technical problems, but the payment was one-half of the total due, so all is well now.


When you are working with new businesses, I guess some rough spots are to be expected--and I'm talking about Kickfurther as well as the businesses we are funding.  One thing I will say is that the company runs a reditt board where the company officers do respond to investor's concerns and suggestions and even solict suggestions.  At this point I'd say Kickfurther has promise, but like most new companies, it is a place for money you can afford to lose.  On the other hand, when these deals work, the payoff, percentage-wise, is very good.  If you'd like to invest, please use this link; you'll get $5.00 and I get a reward as well.  Supporting bloggers is a good thing.  
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  1. Kickfurther is seriously fascinating. On the off chance I make all my current savings and investing goals for 2015 and have a little to spare, I may give it a try!

    1. I like the fact that I understand what I am buying and the risk associated with it, even if I can't quantify them. When you get into commodities trading and the such, I don't understand it and so I don't do it.