Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wandering the Web

Have you read anything interesting lately?  Here are some articles that caught my eye recently:

Social Security: Why the 8% "Return" Myth Shouldn't Make You Wait to Retire  I keep reading about what a great idea it is to delay taking Social Security as long as you can, because the amount you get per year grows every year you choose not to take it.  From what I've read, I agree, taking Social Security at 63, if you are still collecting enough of a paycheck to survive, is probably not a good idea.  However, once you pass full retirement age and Social Security no longer witholds part of your check if you have other earnings, the math gets much more interesting, and this article explains why.

21 Things I've Learned As an Investor Over the Last Decade 

The 'Safety First' Guide to Retirement Withdrawals  Unless you have a pension that meets your living expenses, spending during retirement is a balancing act between enjoying the lifestyle for which you've saved, and making sure there is enough money to support you for your entire life.  This post goes beyond the "4% rule" to talk about planning your spending.

Peer to Peer Lending Sites Review #1- Full Disclosure  This article is written from the borrower's point of view rather than the investor's but it still gives a good rundown on the various sites.

A Better Way to Tap Your Retirement Savings  Another alternative to the 4% rule.

Is Retirement Overrated? You May Be Surprised By the Answer  I hope it isn't overrated!

9 Safe Investments That Aren't Bonds  Lending Club is one choice.

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